Thursday, November 24, 2016

2016 Docklands Business Awards

Government Chief Whip celebrates accomplishments of Dublin Docklands Business Community

Chief Whip Regina Doherty at the Dublin Docklands Business Awards

Meath East Minister of State and Government Chief Whip Regina Doherty has joined the Docklands Business Forum in recognising and celebrating the extraordinary accomplishments of the area’s business community.

The Meath based Minister said “I was delighted to speak this evening at the Docklands Business Forum’s awards ceremony which has recognised an impressive scope of achievements, ranging from excellence in innovation, lifestyle, local business and responsible business.

“These awards do not only demonstrate the community activity evident in the Dockland area but also displays to the wider national and international audience the level of vibrancy and economic activity that inhabits this area of Dublin.

“Despite living in Meath for over twenty years, as a Dublin native, I know that this part of the city was not always the shining example of city living and business activity that it is today. This area of the Dublin docks had for centuries been the hub around which the commercial life of the city revolved. The great, Gandon designed, Customs House was built as a gateway to dockland Dublin, and one of the many fine buildings dotted around Dublin which stand as examples set in stone of the ambition and optimism with which Georgian Dublin viewed its future.

“The members of the Dockland Business Forum are the inheritors of the ambitions of the past, both ancient and recent, for this area and this city. Chairman Michael Noel Harte, CEO Alan Robinson with the staff and members of the Docklands Business Forum are providing the leadership, hard work and vision for the future which is essential for this area to not just survive but thrive in the current economic climate.

“I know that the Forum is looking towards the future and how the untapped potential of the river Liffey and the wider Dublin Bay area, central to the historic function of the docklands, can be used to encourage tourism and the economic development of boating and marine activities. It is fitting that the river that was the life blood of the economy of the docklands in the past now has the potential to again contribute to the economic growth of this area in a different and innovative way. I wish those involved in developing that potential well.”

Concluding, Government Chief Whip and Minister of State, Regina Doherty said “It would be naive not to accept that the economic crisis of the last decade had a significant impact upon those working and living in the Docklands area. Like every part of our country the business people, employees and local residence in this area felt the devastating consequences of economic downturn. The businesses in the Docklands have been central to driving our economic recovery not just in Dublin but nationwide. The results of this recovery can be seen most clearly in the continuing decline in the number of people on the live register. We are now seeing the benefits of five years of focusing on job creation through initiatives such as the Action Plan for Jobs and that is thanks to the efforts of businesses such as those based in the Docklands and people such as those honoured here tonight.”

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