Friday, October 21, 2016

Ridgeway's Investment means Jobs for Meath

Ridgeway’s recent expansion and boost in business cannot go un-noted in the context of the current economic climate – Doherty

Meath East Minister of State and Government Chief Whip Regina Doherty has today officially opened Ridgeway’s newest depot in Ashbourne, Co. Meath.

The Meath based Minister, speaking at the opening this morning said “it certainly comes as no surprise that Ridgeway has joined many other national and multinational companies in coming to County Meath. Facebook, Shire and Ridgeway alike, have chosen to locate in Meath due to its close proximity to Dublin Airport, Dublin Port and the M50, notwithstanding the abundance of highly skilled and educated work-force located across the county. 

Minister Regina Doherty at the opening of Ridgeway's newest depot in Ashbourne, Meath
“The decision to locate in Ashbourne was indeed primarily based on the town’s infrastructure and extensive connectivity, however, there has been a welcomed boost in business from new customers in the immediacy of South Meath and North Dublin.  Ridgeway’s recent expansion and boost in business providing supplies to the construction and engineering industries cannot go un-noted in the context of the current climate of the national economy.” 

Doherty continued “our economy is stronger now than it was before the economic crash - the fastest growing in Europe in 2015 (GDP). It is through the facilitation of a practical environment in which to do business, Ridgeway, through its continued growth since its establishment in 1969 at its first premises in Belfast, is one of many contributors to the drop in Ireland’s unemployment rate which is now down to 7.9% since its peak of 15.1% in 2011. 

“Ridgeway, in all of its operations both north and south of the border, with its strong ability to trade nationally, is supporting local economies by employing locally and procuring supplies locally. Providing everything from fencing, scaffolding and building products to workwear, Ridgeway’s most recent investment is reflective of the reawakening from a slumber of 9 years (plus) for the construction industry. 

“I have lost count of the amount of opening and re-opening ceremonies of businesses I have attended, both locally and nationally, since January, with several more scheduled before the year is out. This Government continues to support job creation, which is also reflected in the announcement earlier this week of €22.3 million in funding for the research of 40 major research projects to include the promotion of industry collaboration.”

Concluding, Doherty said “we have not yet managed to get everybody back to work, or bring all of our economic migrant sons, daughters, nieces and nephews home to work; however, our stable Partnership Government will continue to deliver on our promise to do just that.” 

Thursday, October 13, 2016

Fine Gael makes childcare more affordable

Fine Gael makes childcare more affordable for thousands of hard pressed families – Doherty

Families with children aged 6 mths - 3 yrs to receive universal payment

Fine Gael TD for Meath East and Government Chief Whip Minister Regina Doherty, has said that in Budget 2017 Fine Gael has ensured that childcare is made more affordable for thousands of hard pressed families. 

‘This is a budget for families – young and old. The childcare package is a signature element of this. In Budget 2017 Fine Gael is taking another step forward in supporting parents back into work or education, by designing more accessible and affordable childcare. The new scheme will be both universal and targeted in its approach.
“I know that affordable and quality childcare is on the mind of every parent, either in work or considering the cost of going back to work. Today, we are announcing measures that will help those families in a real and practical way. Starting next September, we are introducing a robust new scheme that is fair and built on the principles of equality of opportunity, enterprise and reward.

“I am particularly delighted to see Fine Gael’s election proposal for universal childcare support for parents of children aged 6 months to 3 years being implemented in this Budget.  It bridges that gap between a return to work after maternity leave and the start of the Free Pre School Years. This payment will go directly to the registered childcare provider, whether that is a crèche or a registered childminder, in line with international best practice. It will provide support to parents whose child is in fulltime childcare, to the value of €960 per year.

‘In Budget 2017 there is also increased support for parents who choose to stay at home and care for their children. The Homecarer’s Tax Credit is being increased by 10%, from €1,000 to €1,100.

“The Early Years are a priority for Fine Gael in supporting young children, but also their parents juggling so many different things. Fine Gael is using the benefits of a strong economy to improve people’s lives and as well as the affordable childcare schemes we have introduced: 
- a second free pre-school year (saving parents on average €4,000 per child)
- two weeks paid Paternity Leave for new fathers 
- free GP care for under 6s. 

“We cannot achieve all we want to in one year, but we are using the benefits of a strong economy to improve people’s lives and make childcare more affordable for hard pressed families.”