Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Doherty welcomes removal of Green Bin charge

Fine Gael TD, and Minister of State, Regina Doherty, has welcomed the decision by Minister Simon Coveney, to remove the mandatory minimum pay by weight charge for the collection of recyclable (green bin) waste as part of the new household waste collection regime.

"I believe it was the right decision to drop the green bin charge, as it will encourage even more people to recycle.

"I also welcome the introduction of paying by weight for other non-recyclable house hold waste. In accordance with the polluter-pays principle, the new scheme will give households more control of their waste costs and should provide better value for households, who prevent waste and recycle.

"Moreover, it will stimulate the prevention of waste and ensure a more environmentally sustainable approach to the management of waste in Ireland.

"As a knock-on effect of this, it will help Ireland achieve current and future EU waste targets in relation to recycling rates and the diversion of recyclable and biodegradable waste from landfill. This is crucial for Ireland’s economy and our international reputation.

"It is the quintessential win-win situation, as this new scheme is also expected to result in job creation, as a result of the processing of increasing quantities of recycling and organic waste."

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