Tuesday, April 26, 2016

New plans for Emlagh Wind Farm Deceiving

Fine Gael TD for Meath East, Regina Doherty, who attended a public meeting hosted by Element Power last week, said the new plans for Emlagh Wind Farm are intended to deceive the public.

The Meath East TD said “Last week I attended a public information meeting, run by Element Power, for Emlagh Wind Farm, ‘version 2’, in the Headfort Arms Hotel in Kells. I have to say, Element Power have gone to great ends to ensure that their revised version of a wind farm in Meath does not come across as such an imposition as its previous application was regarded.

“For me, this application is the ‘same old’ from Element Power, and the reasons presented to An Bord Pleanala in opposition to Emlagh Windfarm in County Meath remain.

“Meath is still the Heritage Capital of Ireland, the invasion of industrial sized wind turbines amongst our rural communities is still not acceptable, and there will still be serious negative impact on our flora, fauna and the value to homes, located both close to, and on the periphery of this wind farm.

“Families, land owners, business and communities alike, deserve nothing less than to be listened to. An Board Pleanala listened to us once, but clearly our calls in resistance, have fallen on the deaf ears of Element Power.”

Continuing, Doherty said “just this morning I spoke with An Bord Pleanala who advised me that a preliminary meeting has already taken place with the applicant. The ball is now in the court of Element Power as to whether they will submit additional documentation, or seek closure on their application for SID status.

“There isn’t a doubt in my mind that the contents, and the timings, of this application for SID status, and any future applications, be they with ABP or Meath Council, will be carefully choreographed by Element Power to ensure their best chance of imposing industrial sized turbines on rural Meath.”

Concluding, Doherty said “I continue to stand with North Meath Information Group, and the hundreds of Meath people who remain in opposition to the inappropriately sized and tactless location of industrial turbines in our county.” 

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