Tuesday, February 09, 2016

Emlagh refusal a badge of honour for people of Meath

Meath East General Election candidate, Regina Doherty has this morning said that An Bord Pleanala’s refusal for planning on the Emlagh Windfarm application is a badge of honour for the people of Meath. 

Doherty said “I know that I join the many hundreds of families, businesses and communities this morning in breathing a huge sigh of relief upon hearing of ABP’s refusal of the Emlagh Windfarm planning application. This planning process, which commenced some 3-4 years ago, has demonstrated the bravery and solidarity that exists amongst us here in North Meath. 

“A number of months ago upon the conclusion of the Oral Hearing, I stated that this process was not an easy one. It was certainly not an easy feat for parents, farmers and homeowners - our rural champions – to submit their opposition to Emlagh sitting across the room from Element Power and their abundant rows of legal teams and security in Kells. 

“The contribution made by each and every individual or group, both written and oral were incredibly powerful on both personal and professional levels.

“I strongly believe that we would not be where we are today without the tireless efforts of Padriac Dolan and John Callaghan, but to name a few, who were absolutely exceptional throughout this whole process. They have, without doubt, lead the way for families, business owners and communities right across the county.

“The people of Meath pulled together and joined forces in the name of our county. As collective individuals and community groups we took on a large corporate organisation in a successful bid to extinguish their proposed invasion on our lives.
“We must now remain cautious with the road ahead. Green energy is needed in Ireland but certainly not in the forceful form of industrial scale like that which we have seen in the Emlagh application.
Doherty concluded “today, I am incredibly proud of our rural champions; together we have accomplished more than anyone would have thought possible.”

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