Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Meath Live Register down 14% in 12 months

Regina, pictured above with Minister for Jobs Richard Bruton
Fine Gael TD for Meath East, Regina Doherty, has said that a drop of almost 14% in the Live Register in Meath is a strong indication that the recovery is beginning to be felt locally.

“The Live Register fell by 14% in Meath between December 2014 and December 2015. This significant drop indicates that the recovery is beginning to take hold here in Meath and that people are getting back to work. “All of the people at work in Meath will start to feel the benefit of USC changes introduced in Budget 2016 from this month onwards.  “From January 1st USC rates for low to middle income earners have been cut from 7% to 5.5%, reducing the tax rate to below 50%. The entry point into USC has also been increased to €13,000, bringing to 700,000 the number of people who do not pay USC.  “These changes to the USC, which will help spread the benefits of the recovery and will ensure that hard work pays, were opposed by Fianna Fáil; the high tax party.  “Since the launch of the Action Plan for Jobs, over 135,000 jobs have been created, two thirds of which have been outside of Dublin. More people at work create the resources to cut taxes for working people and to invest in better services.

“Fine Gael has committed to eliminating the USC altogether during the term of the next Government. We have a long term plan to keep the recovery going and will continue to make responsible decisions to keep the economy strong.

“A drop in the Live Register figures here in Meath over the past 12 months is very much to be welcomed and I am confident that as we continue to build a stable, strong economy and as the Regional Action Plan for Jobs are implemented, the number of people signing on will continue to fall.”

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