Friday, November 06, 2015

Doherty calls on Meath to have input on Disability Inclusion Strategy

Fine Gael TD Regina Doherty has welcomed the announcement of Phase 2 of the comprehensive consultation process which is taking place during 2015 with a view to putting in place a new National Disability Inclusion Strategy.  The consultation process allows interested parties to make recommendations in key areas such as service provision, accommodation, health, employment, and education.

Doherty said “we have an opportunity for the first time in many years now to address the issues of concern to people with disabilities in a sustainable way. We are now in the middle of the public consultation process on the development of the new Disability Inclusion Strategy and it is important that that we receive input from as many people as possible. I am calling on all parents, residents, friends and carers to have their input on this strategy – it is so important that all of our voices are heard.”

“Phase 1 of the consultation process to develop a new Disability Inclusion Strategy in Ireland was launched in June 2015.  As indicated at that time, the consultations are taking the form of a 3-stage process as follows:

1. An initial round of consultations, to facilitate identification of the priority themes to be addressed in a National Disability Inclusion Strategy.

2. A second phase (now being commenced) to identify and agree specific objectives under each of the themes identified in Phase1. 

3. Phase 3 - to commence at the end of this year - which will focus on identifying precise and measurable actions and timescales for achievement of each of the objectives that emerged from Phase 2.   Following this phase, a draft proposal for a new Disability Inclusion Strategy will be prepared by the National Disability Strategy Steering Group for consideration by Government.” 
Doherty continued, “A total of 24 submissions were received in Phase 1, 7 from individuals and 17 from organisations. The individuals who responded included people with a disability, family members, and a person working in the disability field.    

“For Phase 2, there are a number of avenues by which people can participate, including making of formal written submissions (as in Phase 1), but also - new for this Phase -  responding to an online survey ( and participating at 3 regional meetings:

Cork  -  Tuesday, 24 November (Imperial Hotel Cork City)
Dublin - Thursday, 26 November (Croke Park)
Tullamore  - Wednesday, 2 December (Tullamore Court Hotel)

which are being arranged on behalf of the Department by the NDA.” 

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