Friday, July 17, 2015

Fine Gael delivers an extra €1 million funding for Meath Roads

Fine Gael TD for Meath East, Regina Doherty, has welcomed the allocation of an additional €1,063,400 for local roads in Meath, bringing the overall spend in this area to €1.07 billion.

“The extra €1 million in funding will certainly go a long way in resolving the very serious road issues that we are seeing right across the county of Meath.” Since the economic collapse, there has been underinvestment in roads and public transport. With the economy recovering, there is now scope to increase funding and to reinvest.  “Our roads are vital in attracting investment and in supporting businesses in every part of the country. In order to keep the roads in good condition, €34 million nationally will go towards maintenance and strengthening national, regional and local roads and €1,063,400 of this will go directly to Meath.  “As part of this €100 million fund €60 million will go towards public transport and €4.2 million will be allocated to tourism related projects, including further development of Ireland’s Ancient East corridor and the Wild Atlantic Way.  “The final €800,000 of this allocation will go towards the National Indoor Arena to accelerate the delivery of this world class facility for our athletes at the National Sports Campus.  “As we build on the progress we have been making in recent years, more people are returning to work and our tourism industries are continuing to grow. This is all very positive. However, these developments are putting a greater demand on our public transport and on our road networks. The €1,063,400 additional funding is very much welcome in ensuring we maintain high quality road networks and transport in Meath which supports thousands of jobs across the country.”

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