Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Ratoath star well on the road to Rio 2016

Fine Gael TD for Meath East, Regina Doherty, has congratulated James Scully, from Ratoath, Co. Meath, who is now well on the road to Rio 2016 Paralympic Games.


The Meath East TD, pictured above with James, has said “James’ dedication and hard work has certainly paid off and he is now well on the road to Rio 2016. We are all so immensely proud of James who is a fantastic role model for young people and sport enthusiasts right across the county.

“I was lucky enough to have James intern with me in Leinster House and I feel very privileged to have had to chance to get to know him.

“Entirely committed, motivated and dedicated are just some of the words that come to mind when I think of James.

Friday, July 17, 2015

Fine Gael delivers an extra €1 million funding for Meath Roads

Fine Gael TD for Meath East, Regina Doherty, has welcomed the allocation of an additional €1,063,400 for local roads in Meath, bringing the overall spend in this area to €1.07 billion.

“The extra €1 million in funding will certainly go a long way in resolving the very serious road issues that we are seeing right across the county of Meath.” Since the economic collapse, there has been underinvestment in roads and public transport. With the economy recovering, there is now scope to increase funding and to reinvest.  “Our roads are vital in attracting investment and in supporting businesses in every part of the country. In order to keep the roads in good condition, €34 million nationally will go towards maintenance and strengthening national, regional and local roads and €1,063,400 of this will go directly to Meath.  “As part of this €100 million fund €60 million will go towards public transport and €4.2 million will be allocated to tourism related projects, including further development of Ireland’s Ancient East corridor and the Wild Atlantic Way.  “The final €800,000 of this allocation will go towards the National Indoor Arena to accelerate the delivery of this world class facility for our athletes at the National Sports Campus.  “As we build on the progress we have been making in recent years, more people are returning to work and our tourism industries are continuing to grow. This is all very positive. However, these developments are putting a greater demand on our public transport and on our road networks. The €1,063,400 additional funding is very much welcome in ensuring we maintain high quality road networks and transport in Meath which supports thousands of jobs across the country.”

Doherty calls on Minister to stabilise milk prices

Fine Gael TD for Meath East, Regina Doherty, has called on the Minster for Agriculture, Simon Coveney, to conduct a review of intervention prices for milk.
The Meath East TD said “I am urging the Minister to seriously consider undertaking a review of the intervention prices for milk with a view to stabilising our milk markets. A review of this kind has not taken place for some 7 years and we are now living in a very different world.
“Milk is produced at approximately 25 cent per litre and has a current base price in the market of only 26 cent per litre, down from 39 cent this time last year.
“The price of milk has reduced some 29% since this time last year. To the ‘layperson’ this may not seem terribly extreme but the reality is that our milk farmers earn their living from the sale of their milk after the cost of production. This has resulted in a 78 – 80% reduction in farmers' income, which is simply not good enough.
“Today (Friday), I am urging the Minister for Agriculture to consider a review of intervention prices for milk. Currently the intervention price sits at 21 cent per litre and buyers are sitting just above this to avoid intervention. Stock is readily shifting, but at a price far too low for farmers to have gainful employment in this sector.
“I understand that the IFA, and their representatives in Europe, are making similar calls to the Minister for the intervention price of milk to be increased to 25 cent per litre which would ensure stability in our milk markets."
Concluding, Doherty said “an intervention price of 21 cent per litre may have been appropriate 7 years ago, but today our farmers are coming under serious financial pressures. An increase in the intervention price would incentivise markets to purchase at a higher price and may well ensure that our milk market here in Ireland does not come to a grinding descent.” 

Monday, July 06, 2015

Four new classrooms for St Colmcille's BNS, Kells

Fine Gael TD for Meath East, Regina Doherty is pleased that funding for four new classrooms has been allocated by the Department of Education and Skills for St Colmcille's BNS in Kells.

“I am absolutely delighted that new funding has been allocated for four new mainstream classrooms in St Colmcille’s BNS in Kells. The last Census showed 21,000 more people living in County Meath. This increase in population is mirrored in the form of increased capacity pressures on our schools. It is critical that we continue to see investment in our educational infrastructure if we are cater for our growing population.  “It is essential that our schools are adequately resourced and prepared to facilitate our growing population. We must continue to support our schools to ensure that our children receive the best education possible in an environment which is beneficial to their learning and development.  “I will continue to work with all of our schools in Meath, and engage pro-actively with the Department of Education and Skills, with a view to making sure that our capacity issues are tackled as a matter of priority and that we continue to invest in our educational infrastructure.”

Wednesday, July 01, 2015

First children in Ireland to access free GP care

Regina Doherty TD, Michelle Buckley with daughters Ailbha (2) Roisin (1) & Dr Maitiu O'Faolain (Deerpark Medical Centre)
Fine Gael TD for Meath East, Regina Doherty has, today (Tuesday), said that this morning we saw the first of our children availing of free GP care, following the registration of almost 80,000 children to the scheme so far.

Speaking at the Deerpark Medical Centre in Ashbourne this morning, the Meath East TD said “this morning we have seen the first  two little girls, Ailbha (2) and Roisin (1) from the Buckley family avail of a full check up with their family doctor, Dr Matt, completely free of charge for the very first time. I am assured by their mother, Michelle, who is 38 weeks pregnant with her third child, that a great burden has been lifted for herself and her husband knowing that they can now bring their two little girls to the doctor free of charge.

“The most recent figures show that almost 80,000 children have registered for free GP care across the country, which is mirrored by almost 70% coverage of GP contracts thus far.

“2,036 contracts have been received accounting for over 84% of GMS contract holders. Specifically, 59 of the 68, that’s 87%, GPs in Meath have signed up for the scheme. These are absolutely fantastic numbers for Meath.

“At anything upwards of €50 per GP visit, it is no secret that keeping a family of young children fit and healthy is no easy feat, regardless of financial circumstances. As a mother of 4 children myself, I am all too familiar with the worries or fears associated with the smallest sign of a cough or a rash, particularly if you are a Mum or a Dad for the first time. To have your child seen to by your doctor without any associated financial worries or fears is certainly a step in the right direction for parents right across Meath."

 Doherty concluded “if you have yet to register for free GP care all you need is your own PPS number, your child’s PPS number and the selection of your GP of choice.

"If you would like to know more about the scheme or how to register please do not hesitate to contact me. You can register by going online to www.hse.ie or by sending an application form to GP Visit Card - Under 6s, PO Box 12629, Dublin 11.”

Micheal Martin’s record on Government reports

Fine Gael TD for Meath East Regina Doherty says: “Micheal Martin alone spent almost €17 million on reports and consultants during his time as Minister for Health. He has some check to criticise this Government, considering his own record.
Number and cost of reports commissioned by Micheal Martin, as Minister for Health
No. of reports
TOTAL: 191 16,809,428

“Fianna Fail’s health policy shows that they don’t like change. They want to revert to their own failed approach and to pay for it through tax hikes without trying to make things work better.

“Michael Martin’s solution to every problem is to throw money at it, funded by more taxes. It’s the same old Fianna Fáil.”

"Grave concerns" following HIQA inspection of child protection and welfare services in Louth / Meath

Fine Gael TD for Meath East, Regina Doherty has, today (Tuesday), said that following the publishing of the HIQA inspection report on child protection and welfare, she shares the “grave concerns” for the large number of children living in direct provision.

The TD for Meath East said that “I have read the inspection report published last week by HIQA for children living in direct provision in Louth and Meath and I must say I share the “grave concerns” outlined in the report. Louth / Meath which has a total of 364 children living in direct provision, was found to have shown significant delays in social work interventions whereby children were not seen by a social worker despite warning signs been noted in records.

“It is just not good enough, if a child is at risk of, for instance, of emotional or physical abuse then intervention should take place without delay. Cases such as these should be escalated without delay to the Child and Family Agency for action. The right of the child is paramount and it is our responsibility to ensure that all children are protected from any risks that may pose to them while living in direct provision.

“This is just one of the many findings of the inspection report of Louth / Meath, others include the physical and mental wellness of both the child and parent, the lack of clothes and toys, children being left alone for long periods of time, exposure to domestic violence, amongst others.”

Doherty concluded saying, “there is absolutely no excuse, it is our responsibility to protect these children from all such threats. I welcome the recommendations which were made by HIQA to the Child and Family Agency, calling for the development of an inter-cultural strategy to inform the provision of social services and the completion of an audit to ensure that no children are at risk of harm.”