Friday, June 12, 2015

Suspected case will put our BSE controls to the test

Fine Gael TD for Meath East, Regina Doherty has, today (Friday), said that the suspected BSE case in Louth will put our BSE controls to the test.

Deputy Doherty said that “I have witnessed growing concern across Meath about the suspected BSE case in Louth over the last number of days. It will be a long wait for many in the farming and export industry between now and when the test results will be known. Our BSE controls will really be put to the test this week.

“I know I am not alone when I take comfort in knowing that there is no human risk from BSE, as the animal in question did not enter into the food chain.”

The Meath East TD continued “Since 2002 the Department of Agriculture has tested in the region of 7 million animals for BSE. Our BSE controls have proven to be highly effective thus far and are consistent with legal requirements and international best practice standards; these include the enhanced feed ban, comprehensive surveillance programs and the removal of specified risk material. Because of these controls, I am always proud to tell people that our farms are considered to be categorised as “controlled risk” officially. This status was recently upgraded to a country of ‘negligible risk’ for BSE, the highest standard.

“Our farming reputation and the future of our beef exports now await a negative result for BSE in the case in Louth, and the continued control of the disease in Meath, and right across the country.

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