Thursday, January 08, 2015

Wind farm incidents raise serious safety concerns

Fine Gael TD for Meath East, Regina Doherty, has said today (Thursday) that two serious incidents in the last week involving wind turbines raises legitimate safety concerns about the structures.

“In the last number of days an 80 metre wind turbine collapsed in Northern Ireland while a 30 metre blade fell from a turbine in Co. Kerry. Nobody was injured in these incidents but it does raise legitimate questions about the safety of these structures and how close to houses they should be located.

“I raise these concerns because in North County Meath a planning application has been lodged for 46 turbines with a maximum height of 169 metres.

“It is proposed that this development would be located in what is a rural, but highly residential area. I have been very clear about my feelings on the current planning regulations and the inadequacy of the current planning guidelines related to wind farms.

“I urge the Minister for Environment to urgently publish and implement the long-planned new guidelines related to wind turbines and apply these guidelines to present applications such as the one in North Meath.

“The size of wind turbines has increased threefold and it is accepted that the planning guidelines as they stand are not fit for purpose.”


cawtdonegal said...


Please ensure that safe setbacks are set out in legislation. Guidelines are just that, i.e. guidelines. In fact before christmas the high court held that there is no requirement even on An Bord Pleanála to give reasons for not following the wind energy guidelines. So ensure wind farm planning underpinned by legislation not guidelines.
Concerned About Wind Turbines - Donegal

Anonymous said...

Regina, I'm convinced a large number of TD's share your views in both Government parties. It's time you all got together and made your views known to Alan Kelly and Alex White.
There are substantial applications in the planning system in Kildare, Donegal, Wexford and Wicklow, all located beside residences, all developer led.

Wind Noise said...


we all know there is an issue - but you can check noise and set back distances

Please see

Owen McMullan said...

No Erection, Without Protection.

Paula Byrne said...

Regina, although we need robust planning guidelines, we are putting the cart before the horse. First it needs to be established that we need the massive increase in turbines and pylons before we have a conversation as to where to put them. To date there has been no cost benefit analysis of the plans, no strategic environmental assessment (which we are obliged to do under EU law) and SEAI's own figures show an abysmal saving of 2.6% in CO2 emissions from wind at most.