Tuesday, May 06, 2014

‘Welcome to Ashbourne’ for the first time in a long time

Fine Gael TD for Meath East Regina Doherty, today (Tuesday) welcomed news from the National Roads Authority that maintenance works are set to take place on the Rath Cross Roundabout and the Nine Mile Stone Roundabout, on either side of Ashbourne.

“Ashbourne is the second largest town in Co. Meath; thousands of people enter and exit every day. It is unfortunate that for many years they have been greeted with run down, unkempt roundabouts that indicate a similarly neglected town, and not the vibrant community that we actually have.

“The roundabouts on the M2 have been in a dilapidated state for some time. Even as far back as 2010, I was part of a team on Meath County Council who introduced the Roundabout Sponsorship Scheme. It was hoped that through this scheme local businesses could sponsor the roundabouts and ensure that they are always kept in supreme condition.

“However, as the roundabouts are part of the NRA road network, it was not within the remit of the Council to allocate funds or to appoint businesses to sponsor under this Scheme. For too long the roundabouts were neglected. After many letters, emails and phone calls to the NRA, I am delighted to announce that our roundabouts are to receive the attention that they need.

“Ashbourne is a great town with a lot to offer. When people arrive the first thing they see should be clean, tidy and attractive. The works on the roundabouts should finally achieve this.”

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