Friday, May 10, 2013

Dooley wants to raid taxpayers’ pockets to bail out Bus Éireann – Doherty

FF’s own plans didn’t budget for any increase in Bus Éireann subvention

Fine Gael Meath East TD, Regina Doherty, has accused Fianna Fáil of wanting to use taxpayers’ money to bail out Bus Éireann instead of putting the company back on a sustainable footing, securing jobs and protecting services.

“Timmy Dooley wants the Government to reach deep into taxpayers’ pockets in order to finance another bailout of Bus Éireann. He effectively told the Dáil today that the Government should finance the company’s €11 million shortfall.

“Bus Éireann is facing annual losses of €11 million and needs to sort out its finances. Even the unions’ own financial advisers agree that the company’s finances are not sustainable. That’s why Bus Éireann is planning to implement a savings plan drawn up by the Labour Court, a fully independent body.

“But Deputy Dooley thinks that taxpayers should be the ones to pay for it. Last year the Government bailed out CIE to the tune of €36 million, and made it clear that this wouldn’t happen again.

“The most incredible thing is that Deputy Dooley has done a complete U-turn for political gain. If Fianna Fáil genuinely believed in an increased subvention for CIE, it would have included it in its pre-Budget submission for 2013. No such provision was made.

“The situation facing Bus Éireann workers and management is stark. Savings must be made, and with the very real prospect of strike action this weekend, Deputy Dooley’s meaningless contributions have done absolutely nothing to help the situation.

“Clearly, Deputy Dooley is engaging in political opportunism of the most blatant kind, while doing nothing to ensure that bus services will be protected from this Sunday.”

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