Friday, November 09, 2012

Health Committee to seek information from HSE on pregnancy counselling services allegations

At its meeting today, the Joint Committee on Health and Children considered the matter of recent allegations printed in a national newspaper concerning services at HSE funded pregnancy counselling services.

Following the meeting the Joint Committee decided to write to the HSE requesting the following information as a matter of urgency;

    · Has a formal investigation been commenced by the Health Service Executive in respect of the alleged advice given by counsellors at the clinics referred to?
    · If an investigation has commenced, what will be the terms of reference and scope of the investigation? What will be the timescale involved in such an investigation to complete to report stage? In particular, will the investigation examine the actions of the service providers only or will it also look at the role of the HSE in this matter? And who will be carrying out the investigation?
    · If an investigation has commenced, what is the basis or authority for such an investigation? Further, what procedures will be adopted in respect of the investigation?
    · Is the HSE aware of any investigation by An Garda Síochána into the alleged incidents?
    · Is the HSE aware of any internal review being carried out by any of the organisations referred to into the alleged incidents?
    · What actions were carried out by the HSE in the period of weeks before these articles were printed, during which time the HSE was in possession of the transcripts referred to in the article?

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