Monday, October 22, 2012

Doherty welcomes comments from Down Syndrome Ireland on impacts of ‘Yes’ vote in Children’s Referendum

Fine Gael Meath East TD, Regina Doherty, has today (Monday) welcomed the comments from Down Syndrome Ireland (DSI) in relation to the positive impact of a Yes vote in the Children’s Referendum. DSI has launched an easy to read guide on the Referendum, and is encouraging all of its members to get out and vote.

“I was very glad to hear DSI Chief Executive, Pat Clarke, say that there are distinct advantages for children with disabilities and their families if there is a Yes vote in the Children’s Referendum. The Referendum will enshrine children’s rights in the Constitution for the first time. By voting Yes, we will be making a clear statement as a nation that we value all of our children.

“I also welcome the fact that DSI is encouraging all of its members to make their voices heard by voting on November 10th. So far, the public has been responding positively to the proposed changes put forward in this Referendum, with very little opposition emerging. So what is essential at this point is that everyone recognises how important it is to vote. We want this Referendum to pass, and to pass convincingly, to show we are serious about vindicating and protecting the rights of our children.

“A Yes vote on Saturday, November 10th will help to protect vulnerable children from abuse and neglect, and it will help to support families by underpinning early intervention. It will also address shortfalls in our adoption law, ensuring all children can be treated equally in adoption. I commend DSI for producing this easy to read guide, and for encouraging their members to vote. Political decisions affect us all; so I would encourage everyone to get informed before you cast your vote on Saturday, November 10th.”

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