Thursday, October 25, 2012

Daly needs to get her facts straight about JobBridge success

Fine Gael TD for Meath East, Regina Doherty, has today (Thursday) called on Clare Daly to get her facts straight in relation to the success of the JobBridge programme which has seen over half of those who completed the programme gain paid employment. Deputy Daly’s remarks in the Dáil on Wednesday (October 24th) claiming that ‘not too many people’ had gained employment are wholly inaccurate.

“Deputy Daly should do her homework and get her facts straight about JobBridge and the amount of people who have found gainful employment on completion of the programme. Misleading the public is irresponsible and demonstrates a preference for spouting incorrect information simply to bolster their populist profile.

“The clear facts are that JobBridge has been a highly successful initiative. Since its introduction in July 2011 by the Minister for Social Protection, Joan Burton TD, a total of 11,246 have taken part in JobBridge and there are currently 5,145 people currently participating in the programme. An Indecon report published this week shows that 52% of those that completed JobBridge are currently in paid employment since finishing their internship; 51.6% of non-graduate interns have secured employment; and 89.3% of interns felt that JobBridge had given them new skills. The findings of this report clearly show that JobBridge has achieved its goal of getting people off the live register and into gainful employment.

“These figures clearly show that more than ‘a few hundred’ people have gained employment as claimed by Deputy Daly. I cannot understand where she got her figures from and how she can stand by them when an independent review clearly highlights how successful the programme has been. I hope that Deputy Daly will pay more attention to the facts as they stand in future.”

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