Friday, October 19, 2012

Action on securing financial redress for pyrite homeowners welcome

Fine Gael Meath East Deputy, Regina Doherty, has welcomed the action taken by the Minister for the Environment, Phil Hogan TD, to ensure that financial redress is secured for the owners of the homes that have been affected by Pyrite.

“Minister Hogan has given the stakeholders involved in the pyrite scandal, that has devastated countless homeowners across the country, ten days to provide a solution which will see financial redress being awarded to the homeowners affected.

“The Minister has given those at the centre of this controversy every chance to bring things to a satisfactory conclusion. By clearly stating that he will impose a levy to deal with the financial fall-out of the situation if the relevant stakeholders do not come together and get things sorted, the Minister is putting the onus on the stakeholder to work things out. And fast.

“The stakeholders, including the developers and quarry owners, have been dragging their feet on this issue for too long now. This comes at the expense of the homeowners, many of whom paid over inflated prices for their houses, buying as they did during the boom.

“It is time to let people get back on with their lives. If in ten days’ time a financial solution to sourcing the necessary funds to carry out remedial works is not resolved, the Minister will take matters into his own hands by impose a levy. This will ensure that a system of redress is properly in place, with or without the agreement of stakeholders.

“Minister Hogan is currently finalising the terms of reference to establish the Resolution Board and to provide the relevant stakeholders with these details. It is in everyone’s interest to come to the table and to bring this sorry saga to an end. The people of Meath and beyond have suffered enough. If adequate redress is not forthcoming, Government sanctions to deal with the matter certainly will.”

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