Tuesday, July 10, 2012

The Gathering Community Meeting 19th July

The Gathering 2013 originated at the first Global Irish Economic Forum which took place in Farmleigh in 2009.  The objective was to develop a link with our diaspora and to provide a platform to contribute towards Ireland's renewal.  The Gathering is about reaching out to all our connections abroad from family, friends and loved ones to business and education connections.  The Gathering calls on everyone to join in, by identifying overseas contacts and inviting them back for an unprecedented year-long celebration.  It gives everyone an opportunity to work together on a project which will have a positive impact on Ireland's economic recovery.

Community meetings will take place nationwide and the Boyne Valley will be one of the first regions to host such an event.  The Boyne Valley (Meath & South Louth) Community meeting will take place on Thursday, 19th July with registration at 6.30pm at the new Conyngham Arms Hotel

This is an open invitation to attend the meeting and we would like to encourage as many festivals, clubs, community groups, colleges, businesses or even individuals with international networks and a good idea to attract people back to theBoyne Valley during 2013.  We are encouraging everyone to think firstly about what contacts you have abroad and secondly, how you can motivate them to return to the Boyne Valley next year.

Please forward this email to all of your contacts to encourage them to attend.

Please email your acceptance to attend The Boyne Valley Gathering Event to mwhelan@discoverboynevalley.ie.

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