Tuesday, April 03, 2012

Research programme will help Ireland generate business in $148 billion cloud computing sector

Fine Gael TD for Meath East, Regina Doherty, has today (Monday) welcomed the announcement by Minister for Enterprise, Jobs and Innovation, Richard Bruton, of a €1.2 million research programme in the Cloud Computing Technology Research Centre, which is aimed at identifying ways to generate business and profit from the burgeoning cloud computing sector.

“This Government is intent on attracting investment and creating opportunities for Ireland in the cloud computing sector. That is why we have invested in this research consortium to help us identify ways to generate business and profit from cloud computing.

“Ireland has established a firm foothold in this extremely lucrative market which, it is estimated, will be worth $148 billion by 2014. We are keen to further exploit opportunities in this market.

“Having worked in the IT sector for over 20 years, I am greatly encouraged by pro-active measures that are being taken to help capitalise on the massive potential that exists in this sector. This initiative will assist some of our brightest people in our third level institutions to help find ways that Ireland can benefit from growth of the cloud computing sector.

“The funding will be allocated over 12 months to a consortium of higher education institutions to carry out the initial research programme. The research consortium will be made up of teams from University College Cork, Athlone Institute of Technology, the Innovation Value Institute at NUIM and Dublin City University, which will lead the consortium.

“The consortium will focus on four principal research areas: cloud computing technology architecture, service management, business research and cloud security.

“Cloud computing enables people to gain access to a shared pool of computing resources including networks, servers, storage and applications through a web browser and only pay for the time they are using them. As well as providing cost savings, cloud computing also offers consumers levels of security, reliability and support that are often prohibitively costly to all but the larger organisations.

“Cloud computing opens up an endless range of possibilities; virtualise all servers and PCs, set-up your printer for internet printing, give everyone a tablet and they can work from anywhere. Some companies are giving away a free VDI (virtual desktop interface) with a premium broadband connection which allows you to load software onto the VDI and access your PC from a tablet or Smartphone from anywhere, running on a resilient server so it won’t fail and your data is safe. With cloud your data is online all the time and you can share it with other users increasing productivity and output. Cloud computing is the way of the future. The Minister willingness to embrace it and drive the sector forward will ensure that Ireland realises its potential in this area and contributes to the jobs and growth we so badly need.”

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