Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Meath volunteers clock up over 20,000 hours of voluntary

Nearly 1,500 volunteers now engaged with Meath Volunteer

2011 was a great year for volunteering in Meath with over 474 volunteers
registering with Meath Volunteer Centre. Meath volunteers worked over
20,933 hours in 2011. Using the average industrial wage, this work equates to
a value of over €450,000.

Of the volunteers who signed up in 2011, the most popular areas of interest to
volunteer in were with Youth and Children groups, followed by Older People /
Active retired groups, and then Health and Disability groups.

The most popular reasons for wanting to volunteer were to give something
back to the community, although interestingly the second most popular reason
was to gain and improve skills – a partial reflection of the number of
unemployed people who see volunteering as a positive career move in
addition to contributing to their own and their communities wellbeing.

62% of the volunteers who signed up with the Volunteer Centre last year had
never volunteered before. Over 250 organsiations are now registered with
Meath Volunteer Centre. Last year 54 new organisations registered with the

Commenting on the success of 2011, Stephen Cousins, Meath Volunteer
Centre manager said: “2011 was the European Year of Volunteering so we
were delighted to help nearly 500 residents to start their volunteering
experience. It’s remarkable to see that the work of Meath volunteers in 2011
amounted to a value of nearly half a million, but really the difference
Volunteers make to our community is immeasurable.”

For those interested in volunteering, it’s easy to get involved. Visit our newly
revamped website at http://www.volunteermeath.ie/ or call us at 046-9280790. They’ll
sit down with you and help you find a volunteering opportunity near you.
Meath Volunteer Centre is a member of Volunteer Ireland. Volunteer Ireland
works to promote, facilitate and celebrate volunteering in Ireland.

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