Thursday, December 15, 2011

Pyrite homes must be exempt from household charge – Doherty

Fine Gael Meath East TD, Regina Doherty, has urged the Minister for the  Environment, Phil Hogan, to ensure that houses affected by pyrite will be exempt from the household charge.

“I have been pursuing this issue with the Minister over recent months. The Government has been left with no option but to introduce a household charge, to meet the terms of the EU/IMF agreement. But the Government does have some choice over who they choose to exempt from the charge.

“A number of exemptions have already been announced including social, voluntary and co-operative housing, owners of houses entitled to mortgage interest supplement and owners of houses in certain unfinished housing estates. I have made several representations to the Minister, urging him to extend these exemptions for owners of houses which have been affected by pyrite.

“Thousands of homes across the country, which were built during the boom years, have been badly affected by pyrite. The people living in these homes have had to deal with raised floors, swollen and cracked walls and jammed doors and windows.

“It would be of significant relief to these homeowners if they did not have to pay the €100 household charge. It would be completely unjust to impose the charge on people who already feel their homes are sub-standard, and in some cases, unliveable. I hope the Minister will take this into consideration when making up his mind on this matter.”

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