Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Ratoath BMX Club First Race Nov 27th

Hope everyone is getting ready for our big day, the first race on our new BMX track is lining up to be a spectacular event.

In an effort to try and make this event run as smooth as possible and help us, help you on the day, since it is all very new to the Club and its members, I have a few pointers to help those participating on the day.

  1. Registration is between 9am and 10:30am, it is early but we have limited light and the numbers of riders is going to top the 150 mark judging by the interest level. No registrations are allowed after this time. You can also register online here before the race on Sunday.
  2. After the rider receives his/her frame number plate and Practice pass you need to take your bike to scrutiny area where bike and helmet check is performed, if you have gloves or knee/elbow pads please bring them. When you pass you will receive a Pass sticker.
  3. Practice will be in two groups A&B Over 13s first practice and Under 13s second practice. Practice will run for approximately 30 mins to 1 hour in total.
  4. Announcer will call ‘Name Check Printed’. This means you must go to the Moto Boards area beside the Pens to check a) Your Name is correct b)Number is correct c) Age group/Class is correct. If they are not correct go back to registration.
  5. After this, Announcer will call ‘Moto Sheets Printed’. You must go to Moto Boards again and find your Age Group/Class, find your name and write down on your hand or on the frame sticker the three sets of numbers beside your name e.g. from below Matthew Campbell would write down 4:7, 13:4 and 22:2 which means he is in race 4 lane 7, race 13 lane 4 and race 22 lane 2. This is very important.

  1. When racing begins go to pens and search for your correct Pen with your race number on it for your first race and line up. You will be guided in and guided out of these pens to ensure you are in the correct one.
  2. You will then watch the Race number flip chart so you know when your race is getting close.
  3. The same process applies for Semi final and Finals races.

Please ensure you have your membership card or Sticker and your Cycling Ireland License if you have one.

Note:  Parking is very limited at the track and there could be many spectators, Can I ask all local Ratoath members to leave their cars at home and cycle down or drop the kids off and walk down to the track. I don’t want to cause any congestion in the village on our first event.

Please enjoy yourself , take your litter home and watch some spectacular Racing from our local kids and from our UK visitors including current UK number 1 and many time world Champion Kelvin Batey.

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