Monday, November 21, 2011

New Opinion Poll Shows Significant Support for Pro-Life Position

Over two thirds of Irish people want to see the right to life of the unborn child protected in law, according to a new poll commissioned by the Pro Life Campaign and launched at a press conference in Dublin yesterday. The poll was conducted by Millward Brown Lansdowne on a national random sample of 984 adults. 
Respondents were asked: “Are you in favour or opposed to constitutional protection for the unborn that prohibits abortion but allows the continuation of the existing practice of intervention to save a mother's life, in accordance with Irish medical ethics?”
61 per cent favoured constitutional protection for the unborn child, with 17 per cent opposed. Twenty two per cent didn't know or had no opinion.
The survey also asked about the issue of protection for human embryos.
59 per cent favoured the Government legislating to protect the human embryo, 16 per cent were opposed and 26 per cent did not know or had no opinion. 
Read more about the poll findings here

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