Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Pretty in Pink- The result of ‘boys banter’

Deputy Regina Doherty along with her Meath colleagues, today donned their pink guna’s and ties to support Beast Cancer Awareness fundraising event in Leinster House.  
Deputy Doherty states “Pink Friday which was held today show that that something positive can evolve from something negative. The initiative was organised in response to disgraceful comments made by 3 independent TD’s in relation to my party colleague Mary Mitchell O’Connor.”
“The behaviour and comments of the 3 offending TD’s says more about them than anything and is a sad reflection on the respect they show the parliament and its members. “
Deputy English sais “ Today’s fundraiser was an example of the calibre of women and the diversity of thought we have in politics-by thinking outside the box and by not letting negative comments affect her, Deputy Mitchell O’Connor has raised awareness and support for a great cause and I would congratulate her on that.”
“Deputy Ray Butler also congratulated his colleague on her professionalism and wished her well.”

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