Thursday, June 23, 2011

Doherty Welcomes the Cabinet Decision to opt into EU Directive on Victims of Crime

Deputy Regina Doherty welcomes the decision by the Cabinet to opt into an EU Directive (published on the 18th May 2011) on the victims of crime which will establish minimum standards on rights, support and protection of these victims.

This directive will be put before both Houses of the Oireachtas in the form of the Victims Bill for approval by the members.

Deputy Doherty states that “By opting into this Directive it will mean that Ireland will have the opportunity to play a full role in shaping the Directive in negotiation over the next 18months.”  

This Directive and thus this Bill will create a broader concept of what constitutes the victim of a crime, to encompass family members of victims that have died as a result of a criminal act; to ensure that victims receive sufficient information in a form that they can understand to enable them to participate as fully as possible in the criminal process; to ensure that they are recognised and treated in a respectful, sensitive and professional manner, put in contact with any public authority, victim support or restorative justice service.

“This is a positive step in the right direction to protect the victims of crimes and to treat them with the respect and sensitivity they deserve to allow them to seek justice for criminal actions perpetrated against them.”

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