Thursday, June 30, 2011

Doherty Calls on Toibin to resign as Chairperson of The Save Navan Hospital Action Group

Meath East Fine Gael TD Regina Doherty has written to Deputy Peadar Tobin to ask him to step down as Chairperson of The Save Navan Hospital Group for the sake of the integrity of the group.
“I am very disappointed by the Sinn Fein deputy’s scare mongering tactics and emotive language he used in both a press release and media interviews this morning.  All along people were concerned that confusion could creep into our hospital campaign by having a political activist leading the committee.  Some people even went as far as to say that it was being high jacked as a political platform with which to fight the last election.
“I disagreed with most people, as I felt that Peadar Tobin was different and publically congratulated him on the campaign back last October.  I am sad to say today, that I was wrong.  It is very disingenuous to go on radio and release statements claiming one thing, when you know the reality is different. That’s playing politics and I for one think the 10,000 people who marched on Navan last October (of whom I was one), deserve more from their publicly elected representatives.
“As a new TD Peadar has a platform with which to hold this current government to account.  I feel that the campaign to save our hospital should be above politics as we are all looking for the same thing – a vibrant hospital in the heart of our community. That is my priority and I will continue to fight for that aim.”

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