Wednesday, May 18, 2011

New laws will speed up investigations into white collar crime

New laws being brought forward by the Government will help speed up investigations into white collar crime and bring those guilty of banking offences to justice, according to Fine Gael Meath East TD Regina Doherty.
“The public has been left bewildered and frustrated over the last few years over the length of time it’s taking to bring white collar criminals before the courts. We have seen our economy crippled by reckless actions, and yet it seems no one is being held responsible. People have understandably felt that those people behind the crimes are untouchable. We are determined to put an end to that situation.
“Fine Gael has long been calling for reforms in this area, and now in Government we are delivering on our pre-election promises. The Minister for Justice Alan Shatter last week published a Bill that will give the Gardaí greater powers and help to quicken the pace of current and future investigations. The proposals target a range of complex and serious offences, including crimes in the areas of banking and finance, corruption, money laundering and cybercrime.
“The powers of investigation of the Gardaí will be strengthened on a number of fronts. New procedures will make it easier for officers to gain access to the documents and information they need to bring forward successful prosecutions. A new offence relating to the withholding of information means people will be compelled to co-operate with the Gardaí. A changed approach to detention periods will make it possible for a suspect’s detention to be suspended, so further investigations can be carried out.
“These measures are badly needed, and the speed with which they are being brought forward is proof of the high priority this Government is giving to tackling the issue of white collar crime. I am confident that this Bill will greatly aid the Gardaí in the course of their investigations, and will ultimately lead to white collar criminals facing the full rigours of the law.”

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