Wednesday, May 04, 2011

Doherty welcomes the introduction of Pedestrian Crossings

Today it has been confirmed that Meath County Council have received funding from the National Transport Authority to construct pedestrian crossings in various locations in County Meath.

Deputy Regina Doherty welcomes this positive move from the NTA as it will mean the construction of these much needed pedestrian crossings in many towns across Meath including the towns of Ratoath, Ashourne and Dunboyne. Over the past number of years traffic in all three towns has increased significantly making it difficult for residents to cross the roads with ease at their busiest times.

The work on these pedestrian crossings is due to commence over the next number of months. Ratoath residents will see the construction of the crossing on the roundabout side of Fox Lodge Woods while the new crossing in Ashbourne will be built on Credit Union side of Ashbourne town Centre. Dunboyne pedestrians and motorists alike will notice the construction on the Rooske Rd. between the Gael Scoil and the entrance to Dunboyne Castle Estate.  

Deputy Doherty believes that these road safety measures are essential.

‘If you take a look at the location of where each of these pedestrian crossings, they are essential. Each one of these areas gets large volumes of traffic passing through them every day whether it be from people commuting to/from work or bringing their children to school.’

‘Measures like these make our towns and villages much safer for pedestrians and road users alike’

‘Fine Gael Councillors in Meath have been lobbying for these safety measures for the last few months and it is nice to see that all the hard work has paid off’

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