Thursday, April 21, 2011

‘Doherty welcomes her first International Delegation’

Deputy Regina Doherty yesterday did her part for Irish-Canadian relations as she welcomed the Mayor of Nelson, British Columbia, John Dooley to DáilEireann.
Nelson is a town that is ranked just below Vancouver and Victoria as the most liveable city in the entire province of British Columbia, it has a population of just over 10,000 within the city limits; located betweenVancoover and Calgary nestled in the Selkirk Mountains it is a place that John Dooley is delighted to call home. 
Yesterday, Mayor Dooley enjoyed a tour around the Houses of the Oireachtas courtesy of newly elected TD Regina Doherty where he marvelled at the beauty of the building and the history that adorns every wall.
‘Irish by birth this is my first time inside the gates of Leinster House and I am delighted to have the opportunity to come back and see it with my wife and am grateful to be shown around by Deputy Doherty’  
Dooley also had the opportunity to meet with the Lord Mayor of Dublin, Gerry Breen where they compared stories of office and hometowns while basking in the sunlight on the plinth.
Deputy Doherty said that while originally she was unaware John Dooley’s status within his home city she was delighted to be able to afford him the opportunity to take a tour around Leinster House.

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