Tuesday, January 04, 2011

HSE - Disingenuous and Dishonest

Cllr Regina Doherty stated today during a debate at Septembers Full Council meeting that
the HSE were both disingenuous and dishonest in their treatment of staff and patients of Our
Ladys Hospital in Navan last week.
The HSE stated that “the decision has been made in the interest of providing the highest
quality of service to patients and following expert clinical advice” The innuendo they have
spread as to the “quality “of service on offer in Navan is an absolute disgrace. If you are going
to make a statement that affects the livelihoods of people then you better make sure you can
back it up.
The inference is that because the number of acute /emergency surgical procedures are small
then the “quality” of service is not as good as other hospitals. Well I have written to the
HSE tonight requesting the number of emergency surgery cases from Navan, Drogheda and
Connolly for the past year. When we compare and contrast these statistics against each other I
believe the real truth behind the decision will emerge.
We have a right to a full and honest explanation as to the real basis of their decision. The HSE
along with Minister Dempsey promised that there would be no downgrading of services at
Navan – they lied. The only thing worrying Minister Dempsey on LMFM this morning was
the re-deployment of staff under the Croke Park Agreement, not the wider effect of a reduction
services from Our Ladys – well maybe its time for Minister Dempsey to be re-deployed

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