Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Eirgrid and MCC responsible for road conditions during Interconnector Project

EirGrid have recently commenced the laying of the interconnector in the Meath area.  The roads currently affected are the L5015-13 Cabinhill and the L 22091-0 just off the R147 (Old N3),  with work due to commence on the Batterstown to Woodland L6207 on 27th January 2011.  This work is being carried out in stages and different skill/contractors & materials are required for each stage.  The current contractors are in the process of laying ducting and once finished, the next stage will commence.   I do not envisage much, if any, gaps between stages.  
I would like to reassure all residents and road users that (even though) the overall responsibility for completion of this project is with EirGrid, the contractors will be required to maintain the roads in a safe manner.  Once the project is complete, EirGrid are required to reinstate the roads to perfect condition, their original state.  Meath County Council will be ensuring that this requirement is carried out to the letter.

While this work is ongoing, if anybody is concerned about serious potholes or dangerous conditions, please do let me know.  I will contact Meath County Council to ensure that action can be taken as early as possible to remedy any dangerous situations. 

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C.M. said...

So Eirgrid are to return the roads to "their original condition, perfect state". If perfect state is how MCC rate the condition of the roads that I have had to drive on for the last year or so to get to and from home then I reckon the council engineer needs a trip to specsavers!

I'm sure it was a case of sure why fix the roads when they are going to be dug up next year, but I can't tell the guy in the NCT centre that I'll fix my car next year after the roads are fixed. MCCs attempt to save a few quid on tar and stones has cost me and I am sure others in car repairs.

Your views Regina?