Wednesday, January 05, 2011

Byrne in danger of becoming “Old” Fianna Fail

With the release of such a trite statement today from Deputy Byrne, belittling Fine Gael’s sincere attempt to listen to the electorate I am genuinely disappointed if this is the way he plans to impress the electorate over the next few months.
I foolishly expected he understood peoples’ frustration with old style mocking politics -  we are looking for the positives in Irelands future. I thought he might actually be the New Fianna Fail we keep hearing about.

As deputy Byrne well knows the reason we are in the economic mess we are currently in, is due in no small part to the fact that Fianna Fail stopped listening to the Irish people years ago – he might take a leaf out of Fine Gaels Book rather than disrespect the initiative.

People up and down the country are already receiving their payslips showing the new USC (universal service charge) deduction, the increase in tax deducted from their weekly wage and they don’t deserve this trite attitude from Fianna Fail.   

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