Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Ban on below Cost Selling of Alcohol Required to Protect Young

Every weekend in all our national newspapers the fierce competition between
the larger supermarkets competing with each other results in alcohol getting
cheaper and cheaper. Pages and pages of adverts with 6 bottles of beer for sale
for €7 and bottles of vodka for less than €15 take over our Sunday papers.
Below cost selling of alcohol is being used as a loss leader by the multiples in
order to attract more customers to their store but the insidious effect of this is
fuelling the culture of home drinking which will have long term effects on the
changing culture if Ireland.
More importantly I am extremely concerned about the growing culture by young
people of “home” drinking. Teenagers and young adults can buy bottles of
vodka for €15 and are drinking them with no cause for concern. If we do not
address this issue immediately we will have major alcohol related issues and
problems in the future.
I will be seeking a ban on below costs selling of alcohol in these type of outlets
or the increase of excise duty on these sales to reduce the availability of very
cheap alcohol.


Anonymous said...

I just read this..

Fine Gael have lost my vote...

Anonymous said...

If you want to 'protect the young' then make the sale of alcohol illegal unless a Garda ID is provided. Don't punish the majority because of the actions of a few reckless individuals. Place tougher sanctions on business owners who are found to be supplying alcohol to under-age kids.

What an utterly ludicrous idea.

Anonymous said...

The prices in the examples given are probably not below cost, many small shops and off licences will sell at this price and since people do not do a weekly shop in these outlets it makes no sense for them to sell below cost. I have yet to see any accounting evidence given of this supposedly widespread below cost selling.

Phil said...

How about we try to EDUCATE young people? We're completely underestimating the intelligence of the 13-17 year olds who are drinking at home. They'll just find another way of getting their booze. Instead, why not take a more radical step: lower the legal age of alcohol consumption to 14 or 16. That's when most people start drinking anyway. Don't make the pub a place where people below age are kicked out at 7pm every evening. Instead, allow them to drink in a safe environment that isn't in a field somewhere, where a kid can just as easily fall unconscious and catch hypothermia because - like it or not, Cllr. Doherty, and despite your best intentions, this will continue regardless.

There's no point in ignoring the younger sector of society. Embracing their wishes and showing them that drinking alcohol need not be something to be ashamed of once it's done in a RESPONSIBLE manner is the best way to stop a problem which, I hate to say, has been going on for years, and I'm guilty of partaking of the odd outdoor, underage drinking binge myself in my youth.

Anonymous said...

I work in an shop with off licence and can tell you now that we have never sold anything below cost. Yes, we have sold bottles of vodka (700ml) for as little as €13.99 but that's simply because the wholesale cost has fallen significantly and also because our own margins have been reduced.

If anything, the problem with this country is that the licensing restrictions are too rigid. In particular, the ban of selling off-sales alcohol after 10pm which is one of the most ridiculous pieces of legislation ever introduced.