Saturday, May 01, 2010

Where are our Extra Gardai.......

After two very serious assaults and robberies in Ratoath village over the last few days, I am calling on local TD Mary Wallace and Minister for Justice Dermot Aherne to honour their promise of last year and deliver the 2 extra Gardai to Ratoath.

1 year ago to great aplomb Mary Wallace delivered 4000 leaflets detailing the 2 extra Gardai she had secured for Ratoath from Minister Dermot Aherne. Well we are still waiting Mary.

2 people were very seriously injured, one remaining in hospital along with over €8000 robbed during one raid. The local Gardai are a fantastic team and do our community a great service but there quite simply are not enough of them.

Originally we, the residents of Ratoath were seeking our own Garda station. For a population of over 8000 we didn’t think this unrealistic, but in lieu of this Mary Wallace told us she secured us 2 extra Community Gardai for Ratoath. Well now it’s time to deliver before anybody else gets seriously hurt.

As Chairperson of the Joint Policing Committee in Meath, one of our main objectives this year is the build on the already existing team of Community Gardai and the fantastic work they do. Its very hard to do that with a diminishing workforce.

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