Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Level of Amenity & Lawnmower Grants a Real Slap in the Face to residents of South Meath

Cllr Regina Doherty has described the amount of amenity and lawnmower grants considered today at the Dunshaughlin Area Meeting as a real slap in the face for the 100’s of residents associations who care for and maintain the green areas of all our villages and estates. 

€4,600 was shared among the applicants for amenity grants today along with €345 allocated in lawnmower grants.  This is a real insult to the people of South Meath.  Meath County Council do not have a Parks Departments and as such we are tasked with supporting residents to carry out the work in lieu themselves.

Whilst I appreciate that the Councils’ Annual Budget is dwindling due to the economic climate, we must pay more respect to the hundreds of people carrying out this work.   

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