Tuesday, April 13, 2010

On the Wrong Track

Fine Gael Cllr. Regina Doherty has today described how my initial joy on hearing that Iarnrod Eireann has received funding to commence works on the preparation of a Railway Order to extend the railway line in Meath from Dunboyne to Navan, was replaced with huge disappointment with the Department of Transports decision to recommend proceeding with Rout A, 4 miles west of Dunshaughlin Village.

The railway is a facility for the whole county and to alienate the potential commuters of Dunshaughlin, Ratoath and Ashbourne is not only economic foolishness, it is another example of this governments short-sightedness when it comes to infrastructural planning.

Meath County Council unanimously chose Route B last year as our preferred choice which would have had consideration for commuters in Dunshaughlin to be able to walk or cycle to the new station.  It would also be a lot more convenient for the potential commuters of Ratoath and Ashbourne to access the station to the East side of Dunshaughlin village .  Now we will have to cross over the new M3 Motorway – this makes no sense.

I have written to Minister Noel Dempsey this morning asking him to provide a complete explanation at his departments decision.

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