Friday, April 09, 2010

NRA a living disgrace for lack of attention to M2

Fine Gael Cllr. Regina Doherty has today described the NRA’s complete lack of care and attention to the new M2 as a living disgrace. 

“You only have to drive down the M2 and you will see it looks like a rubbish dump.  I think the amount of rubbish, tyres and even mattresses dumped along the motorway side prove that the NRA do not take the maintenance of motorways seriously.  Once the roads are completed they sod off leaving the users and residents to fend for themselves.”

“ They were supposed to landscape each side of the motorway and then keep it clean and free from rubbish”  They are failing on both fronts.

I have written to the NRA requesting immediate action.  The residents of South Meath do not deserve to be treated in this manner.

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