Tuesday, April 13, 2010


Shea McNally from Meadowbank Hill and I are currently
investigating the options available to create a permanent BMX race track in Ratoath to cater for the growing interest of BMX cycling in the area.
BMX racing is derived from Motocross, it’s Bicycle Racing on specially prepared dirt tracks over jumps and around banked turns, typical tracks are 350M long and races are sprints between 8 riders that last under 60 seconds.
Since 2008 BMX racing is an Olympic Medal Event and one of the most popular additions to the Olympic
movement, so much so that in 2016 BMX Freestyle
will also be included.
BMX Freestyle is exactly that, “It’s Free” and encompasses all BMX riding other than racing, it’s hard to categorise, but there are Street, Park and Dirt elements. This type of riding has been popularised with the X-Games.
Our goals would be to encourage users to grow to a certain level by organised practice sessions on the proposed track and eventually to schedule evening and possibly week-end race event meetings.
If you have any specific enquiries regarding the club or are interested in getting things up and running with us please check out our website on
www.ratoathbmx.com or contact me on
087 2680 182.

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