Monday, November 16, 2009

Water Supply in Ratoath and Ashbourne disrupted

Due to a problem at the inlet to Cushinstown pumping station at around midnight last night (15/11/09) no water was delivered to the Windmill Hill reservoir overnight. Caretakers solved the problem circa 8.00am but at that stage the Reservoir was almost empty. This will result in reduced supply to Ratoath today with lower pressure than usual and supply may not reach some of the higher areas. Parts of Ashbourne and Dunshaughlin will also experience lower pressure as MCC try to supply as much of Ratoath as possible.

MCC plan to supply as much water as possible into the area during the day and tonight they will curtail supply to the area to allow the reservoir to recover. The situation tomorrow should be greatly improved on today and by Wednesday normal supply should be fully restored.

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