Friday, October 09, 2009

Major Anger and Frustration at Dental Clinics Suspension

Dental Services in South Meath have all but ceased for the towns of Dunshaughlin, Ratoath and Ashbourne in recent weeks and quite frankly its not acceptable. The HSE through Brendan Drumm and Health Minister Mary Harney have made empty promises about frontline services not being affected by any future cuts. Well our frontline services have definitely been cut

We currently have no Dental services in this district and if I am to be honest Occupational Therapy services and Speech & Language Services have an average of a 2.5 years waiting list. This is not a service that this government could be proud of.

I am calling on the Minister to immediately lift the ban on recruitment for the dental positions needed to restore Dental services to South Meath.

I find it so disconcerting that his government is far more concerned about mortgaging our children’s future to the tune of €54 billion to bail out their developer and banking buddies rather then offer our children the frontline Health Services they not only deserve but require.

This is not the end of this matter and I will ne raising this at our Council Meeting on Monday to seek further action.

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dolored said...

our children 1st what happened to last referendum about children rights it passed but funding for basice health services for children is ignored also the child that can't speak for itself its safe haven in the womb can be disputed by Td's. I thought you were pro said you would represent us we are all my friends you represent yourelf or the people? give it more consideration.
Thanks ,apart from abortion issue you are great but I can't vote for you again ,Dolores