Monday, October 05, 2009

Doherty calls for Road Safety Audit for Ratoath

Cllr. Regina Doherty has asked Meath County Council for a road safety audit to be carried out on the new major roundabouts in Ratoath and the new junction between the new Inner Relief Road and the Fairyhouse Road.

Since these new developments were brought into action residents have experienced some very near mishaps. Most recently, a lady with her child in a buggy was very near run over at the roundabout at Tescos due to a large truck turning on the roundabout which quite frankly is too small for the truck to be using. The wheels of her buggy got caught in grass kerb which has been damaged due to the trucks and lorries coming up on to the verge due to lack of “swing” to get around the roundabout.

We have no traffic weight restrictions in Ratoath, therefore all size of trucks and lorries travel through Ratoath every day using roundabouts which could not have been designed for them as they are far too small.

The junction at Fairyhouse Road and the new Inner Relief Road needs to be realigned. The turn right only lane onto Fairyhouse Road from the Inner Relief Road is to close to the junction and needs to be pulled back in order for large trucks and busses to be able to take that turn safely. I see children standing at the traffic lights in their way to school having to stand right back at the wall in order to remain safe.

The safety of pedestrians and road users must be central to any road improvement or realignments plans and we needs these revisited.

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