Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Ashbourne Technology Campus

To all of the people who contacted me in the past few days regarding lands on the Ballybin Road due for rezoning to E2 status I would like to thank you for your representations and to let you know that after taking into account your views I changed my opinion on the zoning and voted accordingly today.

When we try to make decisions on behalf of the "common good" of the public it helps if we take your opinions into account. As there were no opinions expressed by the residents of the Ballybin area during my initial deliberations I had to assume that there were no real objections and therefore acting in the common good of Ashbourne - Ratoath was to bring high end employment to our area.

I consider your opinion extremely valuable and would encourage you to regularly view the Meath Co. Council website (www.Meath.ie ) to keep informed of things in our area. If at any stage you wish me to act on your behalf please do not hesitate to contact me.

I, have to my end, made representation to council officials to ask them to consider using other newspapers (possibly MeathEcho) as well as the Meath Chronicle to advertise changes and amendments to zoning and planning applications that could potentially have a serious effect on residents homes & lives. I will keep you informed of any progress that I make on this issue.